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I was just happy reading my graphic novel, Superman: Emperor Joker, and having the news on before I drifted off to sleep with said comic book.

All of a sudden, Frieza was around. Not just Frieza from Dragonball Z -- EMPEROR Frieza as he was called now. The all and mighty Emperor decided to not use his powers to, you know, blow up the freakin' world and decided nuclear bombs was better -- and he nuked Washington DC and, for kicks, my hometown. So 90% of the Politicians were gone. Poof.

MSNBC, SOMEHOW IN THIS WORLD, had all their reporters dead too and I somehow got a job with them. Because reporting politics wasn't worth it along with my Australian best friend because apparently so many Americans weren't capable or something. How I wasn't dead? I was stuck with my Aunt's, hiding with my family while doing this job.

But THEN, THEN, for some reason or another, *I*, the MSNBC Reporter, has to stop Emperor Frieza. Why? I have NO idea. Facing off with a notepad and ready to go to stop Emperor Frieza from destroying the country and all time and space for some reason....

.................. annnd I woke up.

WTF mind!?

Fuck if I read comic books and the news before I go to sleep! What the hell!? 
If you were going to throw your child a great birthday party, you'd host it at Fredbear's Family Diner.

Every child was always excited to hear the joyful and welcoming voice of Freddy Fazbear himself; the beloved golden brown bear with a dapper top hat and a dashing bow tie.  Every birthday party at the diner would have Freddy bring out the diner's signature cupcake just for the birthday boy or girl.

It wasn't just an ordinary cupcake. It was their  own special large cupcake! Not many would understand how Freddy Fazbear even knew what cake they liked or their favorite kind of icing. Freddy would always know. That was when Freddy's best friend, Bonnie, came out with the presents and end it with a performance done by Freddy and Bonnie and end it with a joyful cheer.

"Happy Birthday!"

The duo would, then, give out cute animal masks to wear and then the children would play different party games with the mascots.

Joey White wanted his 7th birthday party at Fredbear's Family Diner so badly.

His other friends got their special cupcake and he couldn't wait to get his own. He wanted to be told how he was a good birthday boy by Freddy Fazbear, play party games with his friends and get the Golden Freddy mask. It was going to be the best seven year old birthday party ever.


There was no cupcake.

There was no party.

Joey rode his bike over to the family diner. His face was filled with anticipation for the greatest birthday party ever. He could see his friends inside with Freddy Fazbear through the door window. He parked his bike along the sidewalk and rushed up the stairs to try to open the door.

The door wouldn't budge. It was locked.

He saw his own party thriving without him and he couldn't open the door. All he could remember was looking back to see the friendly face of Bonnie walking his way up to the door of the diner. At first, Joey felt relieved. Bonnie was Freddy's best friend and he'd help him inside. He could trust Bonnie.

All he could feel was two large hands wrapping around his neck.

Joey couldn't breathe. He tried to struggle, scream and then he tried to bang on the glass window  to the diner.  Joey tried to get Freddy's attention but the children were so loud, no one could hear him. No one could see him. The world grew cold around him and, soon, he slipped away.

All he wanted was a birthday party that never came.  His life was taken by someone Joey thought he could trust.  All he could do was cry and feel angry at that monster. His spirit cried as  he watched bystanders find his dead body just outside the door of the Diner.

Joey watched as his murderer blamed others and the case turn cold. He watched Fredbear's Family Diner shut down and move from a diner into a pizzeria. The animatronics were similar to the masks he loved to wear with his friends but he would watch and cry as the murderer became a security guard and struck again, and again.

All he could do was watch, and cry. In life, and thereafter.

It had been over thirty years since then. It was dark, cold and potentially damp. He could not remember where he was or even who he was anymore. Was there a pizzeria anymore? He could only hear silence. Once in a while, he could hear the looming storm overhead and the sound of soft rain gently pounding on the side of the wall.

All he could see from the corner of the room was a little table and darkness.

The lost soul bowed his head as the tears continued to stream down his face.

That is, until he heard footsteps come from down the hall. There were several of them. He didn't bother to raise his head. There was no reason to. That is, until he thought he saw a tiny ray of light at the corner of his eye. For the first time in thirty years, he turned his gaze upward to look.

He saw 'them.'

They were just like him but they weren't in the animatronics anymore. They wore their faces but they looked different now. They looked just like children. They wore masks over their faces that looked like their animatronic counterparts except for the fifth one. He wore a white mask but not much else was known about him.

On the table next to them was a single large cupcake with a dimly lit candle.

Four of the children parted the masks with bright smiles and threw their arms up into the air.

"Surprise! Happy Birthday!"

The fifth one clapped his hands to their exclamation. The girl with the Chica mask rushed over and reached out to take Joey's hands and help him stand up. Joey was stunned. He rubbed his eyes. He looked to each face in astonishment. Soon, the boy in the Freddy mask came forward and offered something in his hand.

"A present for the birthday boy!" He'd beam.

Joey looked down. It was a Freddy Fazbear mask but it was a golden brown color.

For the first time in many years, he stopped crying.

It was the greatest birthday party he ever had. He wore the golden freddy mask and they played his favorite party games. They danced to party music only they could hear and, soon, they gathered by the cupcake and sang 'Happy Birthday.'  Joey nearly jumped up and down to the little cupcake with such joy he hadn't felt in a long time.

"Make a wish!" The boy in the Foxy mask urged.

"Hurry! Hurry!" Giggled the boy in the Bonnie mask.

Joey smiled, closing his eyes with a silent wish made deep to his very soul. Then, and only then, did he blow out the candle and the only source of light in the room.

Once the sound of applause died down, a bright light beamed through the cracks of the wall and he heard voices calling up to the sky. Each masked child looked to one another and started running to the light. All except the little girl stopped and looked back to Joey. She reached up to pull away the mask to show her hazel eyes and freckled face. She gestured to Joey frantically.

"Are you coming with us?" asked 'Chica.'

Joey didn't have to think twice. He'd smile before he would follow after them.

Morning came to the abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizza but not a single soul was left to linger in its halls. All was quiet and all was well. All that was left was a single cupcake with a blown out candle left in its wake.

All was silent...

... except for the faint gurgling sounds that echoed faintly through the halls.
FNAF3 - The Last Birthday Party
So this was what played out for me between Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and 3. I felt it had to be written. This plagued me and I want, deep down, to see that these children had a happy ending in some way... especially the child in the corner.

It might not be 100% accurate but this is what I came to envision in those events. 

The game , five nights at freddy's, and all characters is in property of Scott Cawthorn. I just gave one of them a name for story's sake. 

#fnaf3 #fivenightsatfreddys3 
I lurk a lot, complain once in a while, and just... lurk some more. You get some good stuff and, hey, you learn you might have it better. But no matter how grumpy I can be in real life, I try not to lash out at the people trying to, you know, help me!

Today, it was off to the computer repair store! Its a local business owned by a married couple and they've repaired stuff for years. They fixed my computer last year and its still running pretty good! I'm happy! This time, however, my mother's computer wasn't working and I was pretty certain if was from those dating websites she likes to hang out all the time - Even when I tell her not to and its potentially why her computer has so much trouble. 

Now her accounts keep getting compromised. 

:iconharuka21plz: Well, I tried.  She doesn't understand and welp, I did all I could to fix it. As annoyed as I am(and saving her from spending over 200 dollars from an "internet fix") - I pick up the desktop, drive over to the repair shop and bring it inside.

I literally opened the door to this: :iconscreaminplz:

The repairman, this short man, is stood over by this tall customer with short dark hair, glasses... and we'll come him douche. You'll understand why he's a douchewaffle. 

This man is raising his voice down to the repair guy who keeps trying to tell him, he fixed it. He fixed his problem. The computer was fixed. This is how it went. 

Douchewaffle: "No, you didn't fix it! My mother said it was slower then before! An encryption popped up on it! You didn't fix it! Its slow!"

Repairman: "I did! I fixed it! You told me, I worked, I fixed--"

Douchewaffle: "No, you didn't! She wrote down the encryption message. You did something to it! I don't want it to crash!"

... And it continued on for ten. minutes. This douchewaffle was continously getting more and more vocal, almost violent, saying how it wasn't fixed. The computer was slow. He didn't fix it. He was twisting the repair fella's words to make it as if he claimed the computer crashed and he knew it(Spoilers: It didn't) and finally, the repairman offered him a refund.


:icontokiyaangryplz: .... What?

Now its been ten minutes. I'm starting to get tired as I'm holding a heavy desktop and, thankfully, repair man noticed and gave an apologetic smile, and sets it on the desk. This man just won't shut the fuck up. Its a circle. He doesn't want a refund, he's complaining he has to go somewhere else and how horrible the business is, etc etc. 

After five more minutes, finally, FINALLY, this douchewaffle accepts the refund in cash. He's getting the refund and this guy won't. stop. going.

Douchewaffle: "I know you were wrong. You knew you were wrong. You would not look me in the eye the entire time and thats how I knew you were entirely wrong! You knew it would have crashed and we would have lost VERY important documents!"

:iconromanotwitchplz: STAHP IT. OH MY GOD, STOP! No one cares! I don't care! We've been waiting for over twenty minutes now and your still going at it! You don't know shit about the computer because if you did, you'd have known more why it was slow! Stop trying to fight with the repair guy! Just stop it so we can get ours in and just LEAVE! JUST. LEAVE!


... FINALLY, he got the money, his desktop, and -left-. There was a line of people by this point of people glaring at this jerk before it lit up with compliments to repair man and what a good job he's been doing as, clearly, that guy wasn't in the wrong.

And if that douchewaffle knew about computers, he'd have known computers will get slower if not cleaned out right, viruses won't always be detected and they do age and will slow down. Also, important files? BACK THEM UP IF ITS SO IMPORTANT YOU--G#H@*#&@!!



Mother's computer is infected with something and needs the local repair man. We meet douchewaffle. He won't STFU and argues constantly for over twenty minutes before finally, finally gets his refund and leaves. Douchewaffle didn't know shit about computers.
Never buy bread on Labor Day at Walmart. Seriously, man.

I just had to find specific whole wheat bread. My poor mother can't have much else and the entire bread aisle was picked clean as if the apocalypse was tomorrow. There was only two whole wheat bread; cheap kind, and expensive kind(Like by, 2 dollars more). I figure, why not? Go for the cheap bread. I reach for it...

... and out of nowhere, this elderly woman came in between me, grabbed the bread then gave me the dirtiest look as if I shunned her. :(

Was there a war for bread? What's up with that? I had to get the other loaf, its no big deal! I wasn't about to do battle of the death at walmart. Its only bread! 

I don't want to die over bread D:


Tried to get bread. Woman cuts off of me with dirty look. Apparently challenged to the death for cheaper bread. 
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It is Christmas Eve and, well, now Christmas since it is past midnight here.

I've been having a huge string of bad luck. The computer had a coolant leak for months and I have no idea how much the repairs will be, staring at games I want to play but can't due to the computer being down and out(I know, some can be for console but I've grown very used to PC Gaming) and just being down right unlucky.

Though Steam showed that I could run Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic on the laptop with ease. Granted, it doesn't look picture perfect but its something to play.

I remember KOTOR very fondly. I got it with my Xbox when I was younger and I played it half to death. I was in love with the story and the sense of the Star Wars adventure. I loved the characters, I loved my female character romance with Carth, I loved HK-47, Mission, etc... there were very few dislikes with that game. The big twist in the middle(No spoilers from me!) had me dropping the controller and going 'SON OF A BITCH, HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT!?'

It was extremely satisfying and the ending(Light side, biatches) left me satisfied and feeling as if I was part of a journey.

Even if Bioware made some parts of it official canon, I still carry the story *I* told with my character to heart.

Now, playing it again, I get that sense of adventure once again. I picked a blonde with the Scout background this time and decided to try a build with a mix of Consular. I'm discovering parts I didn't realize with different characters and even spots I missed but tried again.

Even if I revisit KOTOR for Christmas Eve, it does make me thankful for it. It makes me smile and happy to have played and enjoy such a game. Its right up there with City of Heroes, and other old SNES and other classics I've played.

Merry Christmas, everybody! And be thankful for things you already have!


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